Welcome to The Garden of the Gods. We're a smallish sept just outside of Colorado Springs with a bit of a story behind us and even more of one to tell. We took over this caern from Uktena tribesmen twenty years ago, It had been a sept to Coyote before, now we're proud to be accepted by Eagle. The totem himself is named Two-Feather and if you get to see him, you should count yourself lucky to have seen one of Gaia's most majestic creature. It's been thirteen years since the war ended back east, you'd think it wouldn't have much effect here, but all those menfolk running off to war has left a sort of odd gender equality. Jobs need doing and a body needn't be male to do them. Course the Black Furies woulda said that was obvious way back a few thousand years ago. Bad shit's going down in the umbra these days. This here's a caern of hope and Two Feathers is encouraging us to keep hope alive. Part of that is that all the tribes gotta work together to stop this storm so we're welcoming all comers, if you're garou you can join us, exceptin' the Spirals of course. We could sure as hell use all the hope we can get.